Maldives Business Awards Unveils Trophy, Signs Agreements with Partners

Maldives Business Awards has signed agreements with partners for the Awards.
The agreements were signed in a ceremony held in Maagiri Hotel on Thursday, August 02nd. Agreements were signed with the following parties:

  • Title Sponsor Agreement with State Trading Organization (STO) signed by Mariyam Paruveen Abdul Fahthah (Executive Secretary)
  • Platinum Sponsor Agreement with Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives 
  • Platinum Sponsor Agreement with Dhiraagu signed by Mohamed Mirshan Hassan (Manager Marketing Communications and Public Relations)
  • Gold Sponsor Agreement with Maldives Ports Limited signed by Abdullah Faid (General Manager)
  • Gold Sponsor Agreement with CoreLine Maldives signed by Ibrahim Aaidh Mohamed (Managing Director)
  • Gold Sponsor Agreement with AtollMarket signed by Ibrahim Faseeh (Manager, Information and Technology)
  • Agreement with Endorsement Partner Capital Market Development Authority signed by Nadiya Hassan (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Agreement with Endorsement Partner Maldives Media Institute signed by Mohamed Jinah (Director)
  • Agreement with Endorsement Partner JCI Maldives signed by Mohamed Shuraih (President)
  • Agreement with Endorsement Partner Maldives Stock Exchange signed by Mina Musthafa (Head of Business Development)
  • Agreement with Endorsement Partner Women on Board signed by Fathimath Shafeeqa (President)
  • Agreement with Endorsement Partner Women in Management signed by Minha Faiz (President)
  • Agreement with Endorsement Partner Privatization and Corporation Board signed by Ahmed Siraj (Secretary General)
  • Agreement with Endorsement Partner Maldives Association of Tour Agents and Tour Operators signed by Abdullah Suood (Vice President)
  • Agreement with Host Partner Hulhule’ Island Hotel signed by Ali Shakir (Rooms Division Manager)
  • Agreement with Host Partner Maagiri Hotel 
  • Agreement with Print Partner PrintLab Creatives signed by Shaheen Ahmed (Director)
  • Agreement with Tech Partner Kodefly signed by Ali Haris (Director)
  • Agreement with Photography Partner Images MV signed by Mohamed Sharuhaan (Senior Photographer)
  • Agreement with Designing Partner Pro Designers signed by Nishan Thaufeeq (General Manager)
  • Agreement with Event Partner Unica signed by Hussain Rushwan (Manager)
  • Agreement with Media Partner Sun Media signed by Mohamed Ahmed (Director, Marketing and Business)
  • Agreement with Media Partner Maldives Business Review signed by Ahmed Saruwash Adam (Chair of Advisory Committee to Maldives Business Review)
  • Agreement with Media Partner Island Chief signed by Mash’hood Faiz (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Agreement with Entry Campaign Partner MAPS College Students Association signed by Ibrahim Lirar (President)

In addition to signing with the partners, Maldives Business Awards also unveiled their trophy. As the Awards seeks to recognize local businesses and local talent, the team behind the Awards opened the opportunity for local designers to come up with a timeless and elegant design.
Maldives Business Awards noted that out of the multiple submissions, the most striking one was the design created by Pro Designers.

‘Pro Designers submission signified the whale shark; a unique symbol of that is intertwined with with Maldives and the resilience of Maldives. The winning submission was in line with the aspirations of the Awards,’ an official for the Awards said.

The Maldives Business Awards seeks to recognize excellence in businesses. As such, the Award seeks to determine the best companies in an analytical and scientific manner. Backed by our Judges and Advisory Panels, the Awards is a measure of where the businesses are and what they can aspire to be.
Maldives Business Awards is run by Blazon Inc., a Public Relations and Marketing Management company established in the Maldives.

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