Blazon Inc. to host Maldives Business Awards Gala Night in December

The full-suite public relations, marketing and business management company Blazon Inc. has announced hosting their first Maldives Business Awards on December 22, 2018.
The Maldives Business Awards Gala Night was initially slated for July 2018 which however, was pushed back in schedule over changing dynamics in local politics; especially the coveted presidential election.
The event is expected to attract around 250 invitees including winners and ranging from event sponsors to partners and corporate executives. Other attendees of the event will be most likely notable figures including policy executives, finance and business agency executives.
According to Blazon Inc. the aim of granting such an award to the business intellects and entities in Maldives was to “recognize, acknowledge and reward the businesses and individuals that have shown exceptional standard in maintaining best practices.”
Much prior to the announcement of finalists the entrants were shortlisted through a carefully structured judging panel which included industry experts and sought-after intellects of the field.
The entrants were then evaluated by the specialized judging panel for various aspects including research, development, company growth, product and services and market development among other criteria requirements.
Maldives Business Awards will be given in four major categories which includes Individual Excellence which identifies business intellects for exceptional conduct and performance, selected from the ten major economic sectors in Maldives.
Then the Industry Excellence granted for notable business entities for the overall business performance and conduct; the winners are chosen from the previously mentioned ten economic sectors. The other two categories include Enterprise Excellence and Elite Awards.
The finalists for Individual Excellence were determined through a popular voting process that earned them 50% of the total score while the remaining was allocated by the judges’ panel.
The Maldives Business Awards Gala Night will be hosted at Paradise Island Resort.

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