More than 200 guests to attend the MBA Gala Night on Dec 22

The coveted Maldives Business Awards hosted by Blazon Inc. is scheduled for the coming Saturday, December 22 at 20:00hrs.
The awarding ceremony will take place at Paradise Island Resort in the presence of more than 250 attendees. The current Speaker of Maldives Parliament and renowned businessman Qasim Ibrahim is expected to make an appearance at the event as well.
In addition to this, the event is expected to attract the presence of 3 cabinet ministers and 2 ministerial level officials among several managing directors and chief executive officers of locally renowned businesses, banks and other ventures.
Apart from this several distinguished and honorary statesmen are also expected to attend the event as well.
In the Maldives Business Awards, 23 awards will be presented to achievers and businesses that showed excellence in business practice and discipline this includes the 2018’s Business Of The Year award and the Lifetime Achievement Award.
Prior to the awards ceremony a meticulous judging procedure preceded to shortlist the winners. In order to eliminate any complications and guarantee the integrity of the awards, the judging was carried out by industry professionals representing third party associations and organizations.
Blazon Inc. hopes to continue with the Maldives Business Awards on annual terms and hopes to improve the event every year.

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