Maldives Business Talks’ first conference scheduled for July 2019

The Maldives Business Talks (MBT) under local marketing and public relations firm Blazon Inc. is set to go on floors on July 2019 under the theme “Empowering SMEs.”
The event is a quarterly set series of one-day business conference which will see potential employers and local corporations sitting at the same table to share and implement ideas for businesses and policies.
Maldives Business Talks will also serve as the perfect platform for local businesses to connect and get inspired from one business to the other.
The event will have notable keynote speakers and panellists who include some of the most prominent and high-profile entrepreneurs in both public sector and private sector.
Blazon Inc. organized MBT will have participants limited to just 200, with the invitees and registered participants served on a first come first basis.
Maldives Business Talks will be live webcasted while other local businesses and interested parties can participate via webinar to engage with the speakers.
Although the venue has not been officially announced, the conference will be held at a premium exhibitor.
During the conference Blazon Inc. is also set to launch the first edition of Maldives Business Review, their quarterly magazine and announce the second edition of Maldives Business Awards as well.

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