Blazon Inc announces Maldives Business Awards 2019

Blazon Inc., a full-suite marketing and public relations firm in the Maldives announced the second edition of Maldives Business Awards 2019.
The second edition of the most anticipated business awards in Maldives was announced on 09 September at the Ministry of Economic Development’s Velaanaage extension.
Maldives Business Awards 2019 was officiated by the Minister of Economic Development Mr Fayyaz Ismail, who spoke about the government’s role in encouraging and supporting such initiatives.
Minister Mr Ismail highlighted that similar awards are hosted in the country to recognize and commend the success and achievements of businesses and startups. He added that, he hopes such awarding ceremonies are accepted and recognized by the public as genuine initiatives towards providing local businesses the needed push and acknowledgement they deserve.
Furthermore, the Economic Minister had asserted local MSMEs are shaping up to be the country’s main economic thruster, adding such businesses as a combined form provides the highest number of employment opportunities.
Moreover, Minister bemoaned the uneasy ‘environment’ created for the locals with regards to corporate entities and macro, small or medium businesses. Minister Mr Ismail had also stressed that local businesses are also a prime factor for state revenue; collected as taxations.
The Maldives Business Awards recognizes business excellence and thus, rewards local corporations and business individuals for maintaining industry best practices as well as introducing revolutionary and innovative services.
The awards’ major objectives include recognizing excellence and creating healthy competition among businesses, promoting innovation and business intelligence, showcasing outstanding achievements by business community and recognizing the process by individuals and businesses excelled in their respective sectors.
As of 09 September 2019, Maldives Business Awards is open for entrants to forward their credentials to the various awards categories of the event.
Evaluations of the entrants will include aspects such as research, development, company growth, products and services, market development, sales and marketing, community service, innovation, employee management, customer management and CSR initiatives.
The awarding categories include Industry Excellence, Enterprise Excellence, Individual Excellence, Elite Awards and this year’s newest awards category; the People’s Choice Awards.
Over 180 entrants forwarded their corporate credentials for the first edition of the Maldives Business Awards that took place in 2018. The judging was conducted by a panel of 09 industry experts who hold years of professional conduct and expertise in their respective fields.
The judging stretched over 100 hours, with 56 finalists and 44 presentations during the MBA events. In addition to this, the most notable business event that is Maldives Business Awards, attracted over 20 sponsors and partners.
The 2018 Maldives Business Awards’ Gala Night took place at Paradise Island Resort on 22 December, where 23 winners were given their well-deserved awards.
Among the notable achievements last year, Allied Insurance won the Business of the Year while Ember Fire and Safety won the MSME of the Year. In addition to this, founder of Villa Group Honorable Qasim Ibrahim won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the MBA 2018 event.
While the dates for the Gala Night in this year’s event has yet to be confirmed, further details about the biggest business event in Maldives will emerge in the coming weeks.

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