Maldives Business Awards extend entry deadline to 24 Oct

The most coveted business award event of the year, the Maldives Business Awards (MBA) 2019 entry deadline has been extended.
According to Blazon Inc., the local marketing and PR firm at the helm of the event confirmed on Tuesday, 15 October 2019 the deadline for participants to send application for the awards event has now been extended to 24 October 2019, the coming week’s Thursday.
The marketing and PR firm explained the reason on extending participation window comes in light of technical issues to the online application submission portal.
Earlier on 14 October, Monday the online portal had run to a few technical issues which resulted in several participants unable to send their application. This led to several participants losing their entry window for the awards event.
As per feedback and concerns from enthusiastic parties forwarding their applications, the deadline has been extended to give opportunities to all parties that were unable to send in their entry forms due to the website’s issues.
The second edition of Maldives Business Awards’ Gala have been scheduled for December 2019.

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