Maldives Business Awards signs with Title Sponsor

Maldives Business Awards has signed with the event’s title sponsor; State Trading Organization (STO).
Held on Tuesday morning, 19 November 2019, the signing ceremony was held at the main headquarters of the state-owned corporation.
Chief Executive Officer of Blazon Inc. Hasan Hilmy, signed on behalf of the awarding event’s organizer while Executive Secretary Mariyam Paruveen Abdul Fathah signed on behalf of STO.
This year marks the second consecutive time STO has supported MBA as the event’s title sponsor.
Following the signing, Blazon Inc’s CEO acknowledged the continued support from STO and expressed his gratitude for coming forward with a second-time collaboration.
In his remark, Blazon Inc’s frontman noted MBA’s comprehensive stages of evaluation while asserting on the necessity of several phases to ensure transparency of the awards.
In addition to this, he thanked STO’s maintained role in empowering local businesses and SMEs with their continued sponsorship and strong rapport with local ventures.
Furthermore, speaking about the importance of such a business awarding event Hilmy noted MBA provides an adequate platform where businesses and local corporations can address their concerns and challenges as well.
From the title sponsor’s end, the Executive Secretary of STO acknowledged the strenuous challenges of hosting such a prestigious award.
Moreover, she guaranteed STO’s stance in supporting local businesses and causes that will elevate the corporate society holistically.

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