AV Alliance raise concern to Maldives Prez amid economic crisis

The collective community, working and contributing to the events and advertising sector of Maldives have written to President Solih raising concerns over the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the sector.
Advertising sector played an “important role in marketing local companies and hosting a variety of events for the government, the resort sector, state owned enterprises and small and large private companies.”
The Maldives events and advertising sector comprises of more than 21 companies; employing a total of 128 staff in all the local companies of which 103 are local staff.
In the letter, it was noted the advertising and events sector pays over MVR59.12 million annually on staff salaries. It was further reported that over MVR18 million (collectively from all local agencies) is spent for office and warehouse spaces.
The letter from the apparent event organizers’ “union” further highlighted on the corporate scale of these companies; noting most of the events and advertising agencies were small to medium businesses.
It was further noted, most of the local agencies were facing major challenges in sustaining their businesses amid the current economic crisis in light of the global viral pandemic.
The “union” have requested from Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for ample government consideration towards the sector “similar to that given to many of the other local economic sectors” to ensure financial safety for the employees and their families.
The union, officially identified as the “AV Alliance of Maldives” had 20 agencies bearing their signatories for the letter.
The companies included;

  • Stage Core
  • EventCo
  • Unix Sporting
  • Metron Pvt
  • Official Events
  • Event Maldives
  • Object
  • Blazon Inc
  • Uber Events and Artists
  • Sight N Sound
  • HighRise
  • Azidon
  • Proflex Maldives
  • Think Associates
  • Lynx-I Incorporated
  • Led Visual
  • Zebra Cross
  • Chopart
  • Orca Media Group

The events and advertising provide a diverse range of services including equipment rental, large format digital printing, marketing and advertising, production of TV, radio and online advertisements, photography and videography, video, music and art production, venue rental and transport and logistics services related to events.

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